Just Shut Up And Watch The Game

The guy sitting across from me is wearing a toupee.  It’s an unnatural black and hovers just above his scalp, floating there, defying gravity, kind of like the puck on an air hockey table.  As a proud bald man myself, I feel more pity than disdain.  Take what you’ve been given and run with it is how I see things.  If your follicles betray you, shave what little hair that sprouts from your head and then buff that mother to a high gloss and hold it up high.  Be proud of your sheen.  You sure as hell don’t walk around with road kill on your head.  His mouth is rictus-like, his eyes beady.  He drinks light beer by the pitcher and between that and the wig, I do not like him.  Now I don’t normally go to a sports bar to judge hairstyles and make friends; neither do I go to make conversation.  I’m here to watch football and to drink beer, in exactly that order.  And if I drink too much beer, my lovely wife, or as I refer to her on weekends during football season, my Designated Driver, is only a phone call away.   I should be happy.  Arizona State is winning and after many woeful seasons, it looks like they might finally be headed in the right direction.  Even better, the beer is cold, and the waitresses are cute, bubbly and, most importantly, efficient.  Yet here I am miserable, doing my best to restrain myself, to keep from responding to the words coming out of this human ass sitting at my table.

It starts ten minutes after he asks if he can sit here; it being standing room only and I, assuming that he just wants to watch the game, say yes.  Right away he starts trash talking about a former ASU player using racially charged terms, a young man whose every move was dissected, analyzed and judged by the local media almost daily leading up to the NFL draft.   “These gang bangers, they should leave them in the ghetto,” he says. “A bunch of hoodlums.  They don’t know how good they have it.  With all their tattoos they’re ruining the game.  That thug will end up in jail like the rest of them before it’s all said and done.”   When people talk like that, I’m not even sure how to respond.  My inclination is to either break a bottle across his face or to make a serious inquiry as to how tattoos “ruin the game.”  But I just want to watch football and I don’t want a debate, so I tell him what I know.  The “thug” in question was a student of mine and happens to be a good and decent person; polite to a fault, intelligent, respectful and even three years after I taught him, he always made it a point to run over and say hello and shake my hand whenever he spotted me on campus.   He also has worked his way from an undrafted free agent to a starter by the third week of this NFL season, an almost unheard of feat.  The Ass looks at me skeptically, his mouth pursed like a rectum, almost disappointed that I dispelled and didn’t confirm what he thought.  His eyes narrow to slits.  “Well,” he says.  “I know what I heard.”

Like at most sports bars, the walls are lined with TV’s, and on several of them, it’s dueling political ads for the congressional race between the Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema, an openly bisexual, non-theist woman (I assume non-theist is a euphemism for atheist, but let’s leave that for another discussion), and Vernon Parker, an African American man and my former mayor.  “Thank God I don’t live in that district,” the Human Ass farts out.  “Not much of a choice there.”  Being that Sinema is a solid liberal and Parker a solid conservative, I get the message.  Women and blacks need not apply.  Still I simply grunt and nod.

It goes on and on.  An Obama ad is on one TV and he says, “Just one more month and we can ship his Muslim ass back to Kenya.  Hopefully there’s room on that boat for a few more.”  I’m uncomfortable.  I’m cringing.  My shoulders are tightening.  Am I a coward for not confronting him?  Trust me; I’m not generally a coward.  I simply know that once I start I will not stop.  My family warns others to not engage with me because once “I’m in the game,” I’m in it to destroy you.  I don’t believe in taking prisoners.  A battlefield strewn with the dead is my goal.  I don’t fight pretty.  So I grunt and order another beer, a real beer, not piss water.

He wants to know if I have kids. I mention that my oldest is a freshman at the University of Arizona.  “I hate those f*ckers,” he says.   “I’ll never forget tearing their goalposts down after we beat them in the Territorial Cup back in the 70s.  Those were happy days.  My oldest daughter wanted to go there and I put a stop to that.  I told her that she’s going to ASU whether she likes it or not.  No kid of mine is going to school in Tucson.  Sun Devil for life.”   That’s smart, I think.  Dictate the college your kid will attend based upon some imagined sports rivalry between two teams that consider a .500 season to be a success.   “You know what I really hate about Tucson?” he says.  “Those f*cking liberals.  That place is crawling with them.  I hate those goddamn motherf*ckers.”  I brace myself for him making a joke about Gabby Giffords being shot but thankfully he resists and saves me the trouble of breaking a leg off a chair and stabbing him through the chest with the jagged end.  I’ve heard enough of those jokes and snide comments from right wingers, turning a national tragedy, along with the death of a child, into an opportunity to score vulgar political points.

I learn that we, we being me and my fellow “f*cking liberals,” are out to undo everything he’s taught his children.  He’s taught them what to think and now we have come along and told them to think something contradictory.  His daughters have to live at home and not at the dorms, lest they room with a “gay liberal,” who will “brainwash” them.  He tried to get his youngest kid’s fourth grade teacher fired for saying that it’s okay that a student in her class has two mothers.  Liberals are America’s enemy.  They want to “destroy” America, though I’m not quite sure even he and his ilk know what they mean by destroy.  Why am I not shocked?  Why am I not outraged?  Why am I not standing up and thumping my chest and screaming “I am a f*cking liberal?”  Why do I just sit and stare at the TV screen?  Because I’m used to this.  It happens all the time; not always to this degree but more and more this is a common scene all across America.

The receptionist at my son’s doctor’s office takes the opportunity to call President Obama a communist and blame him for the rising cost of healthcare every time I pay my deductible, even though the doctor himself, whose opinion when it comes to the issue is far more credible, is a fan of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  The parking attendant at work, his radio blasting Rush Limbaugh in the morning and Sean Hannity in the afternoon, makes it a point every day to tell me what new act of treason the president has just committed.  My dry cleaner, my mechanic, a stranger in line at the grocery store.  And they all seem taken aback when I don’t join in on their bash-the-president hate fest and instead just greet them with a blank stare.  If I told them what I really thought, that each day I am amazed by the common decency and dignity and intelligence my president brings to his job, their tiny heads might explode from shock.  The fact is, they assume everyone not only shares their hateful worldview but that we walk around all day as they do, obsessed with it, hearts blackened, enraged, paranoid, absolutely consumed.  They truly believe that all of us, every last one of us, agree with them that our president and his wife are to be despised, impeached, jailed, deported.  It’s why they still claim President Obama “stole” the 2008 election, an election he won by 10 million votes and in an electoral landslide.  I mean, how could he possibly have won?  Everyone hates him.

They don’t believe the poll numbers right now, numbers indicating a healthy lead for Barack Obama.  It’s a liberal media plot, softening us for his upcoming “theft” of the 2012 election.  Fox News is just the latest to join in on this “Poll Trutherism,” even though their own polls indicate the same lead.  And if he does (hopefully) win, they will spend the next four years claiming voter fraud, spewing hate, insisting the election was stolen.  Why?  Because everyone hates him, right?  Outside of a handful of f*cking liberals, nobody voted for him.  The right wing media are already attempting to delegitimize his second term, as they did during his first term and did throughout Bill Clinton’s eight years as president.  And those who feed off the hate that spills from their car radios, from Fox, from the internet, believe every lie they hear.  This is what happens when you live your life in a vacuum, an echo chamber of hate, believing only that which fits your own worldview and dismissing all the rest as lies, spin, and a product of the liberal media.  Visit conservative websites and Facebook pages.  Read the comments.  They insist Mitt Romney is actually way ahead in the polls and any poll that disagrees with that point of view is part of the plot.

The game is over.  ASU has won and yet I feel deflated.  The Human Ass grabs his car keys.  Drunk, he plans on driving himself home.  Great citizen, I think.  “Sorry about your kid,” he says.  “Going to that loser college.”

Okay, I have to say something.  “My son goes to U of A because it suits his needs better,” I say.  “I let him choose where he studies.  His choice, not mine.  Same with his major.  Instead of teaching my kids what to think, I teach them how to think, how to research and process information.  The last thing in the world I want or my wife wants or the world itself wants is for them to be clones of me.  I like when they see the same facts that I see and come to a different conclusion.  I love when they tell me that I’m full of shit.  That, my friend, lets me know that despite my many bad habits and personality defects, that at least in one aspect, I’ve done something right.  I’ve prepared my children to think for themselves.  Beyond loving them, there really is no more important job a parent has.  To encourage their children to find their own way.”  With that, I head outside, not sticking around to hear his response, and wait for my Designated Driver to show up, hoping I get home in time to kiss the little bastards goodnight.

Tom Bonfiglio, GOP Stopper 


Tom Bonfiglio, by Alana Tivnan

Tom Bonfiglio, by Alana Tivnan

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51 Responses to Just Shut Up And Watch The Game

  1. Lizzy M says:

    Brilliantly written. Excellent points. But how do you not just lose your mind being surrounded by these nutcases ALL the time in Arizona? I’m lucky enough to live in liberal New England, but the four unfortunate years I spent in South Florida nearly sucked every last bit of life out of me. When I left there, I moved to VT as if it were a huge B-12 shot needed to undo the depression that had set in after 4 years of coming to the realization that This Is America. There are Republicans. They are everywhere and they are hateful, closed minded assholes. Realizing that made my heart sink and I’m just not sure I could be around it all the time. How do you keep your sanity? How do you not lose faith in humanity after being inundated with this right wing shit day in and day out?

    • I hate to burst your bubble But I’m a Republican and I’m not hateful. Nor am I close minded. I’m open to most anything and will make a decision on whether it’s right or wrong according to MY beliefs. Just as I’m sure you do as a Democrat. And being totally honest answer a couple questions for me. 1: When you voted for Obama did you do it to make him the first black President or for his policies? 2: If it was for his policies are you going to vote for him again seeing how his policies are horribly failing and that he’s running our country into the ground (financially)?

      • wildwildwest says:

        President Obama saved us from the failed policies of George W. Bush. Do you really want go back in time to the same? W. got us into this mess; we were losing 700k jobs a month. Now, we are slowly but surely adding jobs and most folks are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
        OBAMA 2012

      • lowercase_ryan says:

        James you bring up a couple of points that I would like to address. First let me say that there are exceptions to every rule. This should go without saying. But just because a republican who doesn’t spew hatred, such as yourself, exists, it doesn’t mean that the author’s point is any less relevant. In fact your comments make me think you missed his point entirely. But my main concern is that you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. You say that you “will make a decision on whether it’s right or wrong according to MY beliefs. Just as I’m sure you do as a Democrat.” But then you turn around and ask if we voted for Obama because he’s black. Can you see the conflicting elements there? You’re first statement “just as I’m sure you do as Democrats” is insincere if you honestly think he was elected because he was black. Also keep in mind that if only Democrats voted for Obama, he wouldn’t have enough votes to get elected.

        You also state opinions as fact. You say his policies are failing. A GM plant worker who’s job was saved may not agree with you. I don’t agree with you. You cannot say his policies are failing. You can say I think his policies are failing, but if you do that you better be prepared to back it up with some numbers. The national debt increased essentially the same amount under Obama as it did under Bush. The difference is that we are now adding jobs (granted at a much much slower rate than anyone wants) whereas we were losing jobs by the boatload every week when Bush left office.

        Oh, and it’s CLOSED MINDED.

      • TJ Martin says:

        If you were actually open-minded you’d realize how full of CRAP you actually are, and how ridiculous you sound to those of us who are actually open-minded. Obama’s policies haven’t failed America, they’ve rescued and revitalized America. If his policies failed his lead in the polls wouldn’t be widening daily in this hyper-partisan era, would they?

        The only group that’s failed America, as usual, are conservatives. Republicans have made it their goal to make Obama a one-term president, and they’re failing in fantastic fashion, because a conservative can’t even FAIL without failing. Without the Republican-led war on public workers, unemployment would be around 7% today. Without Republican obstruction, there would be a jobs act and a special jobs act for military veterans, and about 1.5 million more Americans would be employed.

        You may wish for Obama to fail, or disagree with his policies, but real life and the facts dictate that you are, as conservatives always are, completely wrong.

      • Tom B. says:

        James, your assumption that I voted for Barack Obama based upon his race leads me to the logical conclusion that you voted against him based upon race as apparently you that is a consideration for others.

        His policies have saved this country from financial ruin and have pulled us from the morass created by George W Bush. Instead of being insolvent, our financial markets are not only healthy they are approaching all time highs. You see color; I see a man that has saved us from the regressive policies of GWB, policies that Mitt Romney wants to double down on.

        Thankfully you are in the minority. Get used to four more years of you claiming we voted for him based on race, making the assumption that the rest of us are as petty and small-minded as you are.

    • I laugh Lizzy. It helps a lot. Then I look at it from a different perspective. I refuse to lose faith in humanity because these neanderthals never win. The non-thinkers eventually run out of steam and they NEVER, EVER win. They just rant and rave and hold up their signs at rallies and I laugh. They can’t spell MORON. They are no threat to me or anyone else. How could they be? Standing there waving a sign that says “get the government out of my medicare!” Like I said, I laugh.

  2. Randall Kramm says:

    Dearest Tom,
    Thank you for your article. Love you, keep on thinking for yourself. You, and people like you, keep my hope for America alive.

  3. lowercase_ryan says:

    Just a few thoughts; First and foremost, go Devils! But in all seriousness, I know your pain like the back of my own hand. As a lifelong AZ native I’m constantly appalled at the assumption from everyone around me that I’m a republican. It’s nauseating and offensive. Good on you for speaking up, it helps us all. The assumption that all of the white people in Arizona are republicans is as ingraned as the tendency of Democrats, like myself, to keep our political opinions close to the vest. The emergence of the tea party pushed me over the edge. I cannot and will not sit back quietly anymore. Fuck them, I’m speaking my mind. If they can’t back up their bullshit, well then it’s not my fault if things get uncomfortable.

  4. Fran White says:

    Next time you see a drunk get behind the wheel, please call 911. I think you would have had some pleasure in it, for one thing, and damnit, it’s the right thing to do.

  5. Ben H. says:

    “Take what you’ve been given and run with it.” Oh no. You need to go re-read your Plato. This gentleman wears a hairpiece for the same reason that Plato had his Philosopher Kings lie to the hoi polloi… cause he’s a very important person and the commons should admire his wise utterances and his handsome physique and perfect hair… piece.

  6. jennmcclory says:

    Thank you for this. So much.
    I live in Arkansas. That should tell you all you need to know. 🙂
    -Jenn (a speck of blue floating in a sea of red)

    • SW Missouri … right there with you !

      • Cec says:

        Texas here, when they spout yheir venom, I just think, really? You’re that clueless. So sad in trying to sound intelligent, they can out right display their ignorance. Like I said no clue. I don’t think all whites are republicans. I have some very liberal white friends. I thank God for them everyday. Without them, I would go crazy.

  7. cjeffers101 says:

    …usually my worst experience is on the 1st tee in golf (I am an avid golfer and play often) and someone pisses out a conservative rant to mark his territory. I wonder how they would feel if I peeled off a string observations that would whither O’Reilly. I pause and realize I don’t care about this person’s narrow worldview or trying to awaken him. I have truth, history, an open-mind, skeptical-thinking and true convictions that totally eclipses his sad, hollow-feelings, which hunger for consensus, validation and group-think.

  8. Terrific profile of being a liberal in a world seemingly filled with talk zombies ! I too have spent more time and energy than I care to contemplate not asserting myself in a manner more akin to a 13th century Viking and impaling one of these putrid think nots on their own pointed idiocy . I live in a very conservative and religiously dominated region and find great release from the small act of adminning liberal pages … it is probably the fulcrum that keeps me decent . Love your page and this blog ! Keep it up , you are by no means alone 🙂

  9. Terrific profile of being a liberal in a world seemingly filled with talk zombies ! I too have spent more time and energy than I care to contemplate not asserting myself in a manner more akin to a 13th century Viking and impaling one of these putrid think nots on their own pointed idiocy . I live in a very conservative and religiously dominated region and find great release from the small act of adminning liberal pages … it is probably the fulcrum that keeps me decent . Love your page and this blog ! Keep it up , you are by no means alone

  10. I live in Indiana and although the state went for Obama in 2008 it was really a miracle he won here. It is tough being surrounded by so many ignorant FOX News loving Republicans! Enjoyed reading this big time.

  11. sonja says:

    Tom, how well again I can relate to your thoughts as I’ve had similar ones so often. Here in Texas I’m the odd ball (but then when have I not been in my life), being an accountant and a liberal and one who believes in higher education. In Texas? Your comment about how if you were to let out how you really feel to this fool …let me just say I commend your self-control, too often I have not restrained myself. Keep that energy for better uses! As has been the case since discovering your writings earlier this week my face is smiling.

  12. wildwildwest says:

    I paid my Arizona dues, back in the 80s. I also was one of the gay guys who helped start the recall against then Governor (and I use the term lightly) Evan Mecham. In the end the recall never happened; he was impeached, indicted and convicted. I love and miss the winters of Arizona, but I definitely don’t miss the politics.

    • lowercase_ryan says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for your efforts against Mecham. I was too young to do anything back then but I appreciate the hell out of those that did.

  13. Mr. Bonfiglio, I agree with your observations and “think” the same way you do on many of the points written above. With all due respect, however, I must say that you accomplished nothing by letting this guy (and the other people you mention) go off and not call them on their bullshit. There are a LOT of mean, hateful people out there as you describe. The only way these assholes will start realizing they are on the wrong side of history and that the world doesn’t think like them, is to stand up, speak up, and tell them the truth. They’re not afraid to confront you with their hate. You shouldn’t be hesitant to confront them about their hate.

    You are an excellent writer and thinker, but you are preaching to the choir. We need more critical thinkers like you to set the record straight with these drooling fuckwads, either to their faces, or in public places where others who think like you and me, but are afraid to speak up, can be emboldened by your fervor, wit, and charm. Think about it. The more you express how you feel (chair leg to the chest notwithstanding) the more the chances that teabilly fucksticks like this guy become more marginalized and, yes, even ostracized by society.

    Sometimes, it doesn’t even take “saying” anything to these people. I run a small side business selling progressive, liberal laptop/window/bumper stickers. The people who buy these from me do so for a number of reasons, but mostly they like to show people what they stand for using laser-like, concise messaging. Interestingly most of our sales go to people in southern (read: Red) states.

    Please… stay calm, speak your mind (not just on your FB page and blog), and stand up for what you believe in. And “strength to your sword arm!”

    • sonja says:

      I agree with you to a point. But he is allowed to watch a football game without having to argue with every fool who acts this way. There are times when it can be counter productive. Personally I could not have had that kind of self-control! Yet I’ve paid for it dearly in so many ways. Tom’s words to this guy as he’s leaving may have been the best option. Sometimes a few words said firmly can convey a powerful message. I loved the message Maya Angelou gave during an Oprah show when asked how to respond to racial slurs said in public or at parties. She said quietly but firmly look the person in the eye and say “stop it.” Of course that only applies to certain situations.

    • Tom B. says:

      Unlike the right wingers, I don’t live in a constant state of rage,always gunning for a fight. There is not a word I could have said that would have penetrated this man. I wanted to watch a game and I did my best to do so. If a word or two from me would have done some good, I may have uttered them. But the fact is, it is not my responsibility ti change the world, to accomplish anything, when I go to a bar, beyond getting a good buzz on and enjoying myself.

  14. jenxbyron says:

    I live in Florida. My dad, despite being a reasonable human being in most respects, is Republican. It’s amazing to me that he can be talking perfect sense, as if he thinks for himself, and is the moderate he claims to be, and then, despite all evidence to the contrary, spews out some talking point that he could have come straight from Fox News. It’s like seeing Sybil at the switch. Usually, we can just agree to disagree, but this year, I get so angry I just can’t talk about it with him at all. I cannot see how such an intelligent, non-religious man can be so blind. It’s sometimes almost impossible to stay civil, and I love him. I sometimes can’t stay in public gatherings to avoid alienating many people I know. I will honestly be so glad when this election is over, even though I am terrified of the outcome. I just hope some form of reasonableness will return.

  15. Lori says:

    Love the article, love your take on life and love that there are (hopefully) enough of us liberals out there to give our Pres 4 more years to clean up the Republican mess they left. Thank you Tom

  16. Charlotte says:

    Can I hug you? After an experience like that, I hope someone hugged you! That was such a great read. I live in pretty damn liberal Jersey and I STILL hear stuff like that from time to time. Today, I learned from some lovely people that having brown skin and maybe having one too many items in the ’10 items’ lane at the grocery means you must support Obama. Obama-that enemy of the grocery store fast lane! Destroying real Americans opportunities to quickly purchase Hot Pockets! I’m sorry you have to exercise restraint, but it really IS fruitless to try and argue. I would have wanted to lift his wig off as he walked away though, but then, I am a mean Northern liberal. 😀

  17. Judi Lages says:

    Great read. I, too, share your pain..being the lone liberal (that’s how it often feels)in a state (Texas) overflowing with Republicans that are uninformed, watch Fox News and think Bill O’Riley is the learned and final voice on all things political. I keep myself sane by surrounding myself with friends that are delightfully gay, and/or much younger than me, my children and grandchildren who are liberal and forward thinking. As a Selma marcher and Freedom Rider, I shudder at the racism that is overt and was saddened when, upon confiding to my daughter that the racism will end when my generation dies off, was reminded that “These people have instilled the same hatred in their children, Mom, and it certainly isn’t going to end when your generation does.” I am so afraid she is right. My grandson’s college friends do give me hope that she may be wrong.

  18. Tom B. says:

    Thanks for the kind words. The fact is, if I had spoken up I’d have accomplished very little beyond breaking his nose, as that is certainly where it inevitably would have led. These people are impervious to logic. They cannot be taught, They cannot be reasoned with. It is better to ignore them unless you are prepared for a physical confrontation. I would have hurt him quite badly as I’m not a small fellow, but ultimately I would have been hurting myself and my family as I’d surely have been arrested.

  19. Cec says:

    I applaud your self control. I don’t think I would have handled that situation very well.

  20. Just simply……thank you.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    That was an excellent. I live in upstate NY, which is solid red unless you are in one of the major cities. Personally, I don’t understand why broadcasting hate is ok for these people, but a personal statement of support and understanding gets you treated like an alien. I’ve had my vehicle vandalized just for my Obama 2012 bumper sticker, but it says on. We are with you up here!

  22. benlomand says:

    I was in Arizona for school in 1973. I thought it was a damned cool place. I haven’t been back, but from what I’ve been hearing for the past few years, I don’t want to go back.

    In Phoenix, I remember giving a girl a ride on my motorcycle without a helmet one night, and getting busted my the cops, doing the court thing and some sort of weekend crap for penance.

    I smoked a lot of weed and my girlfriend left me. It was time to move to New Mexico….I liked the Arizona flag, and swamp coolers, the flag put me in mind of the NVA.

    Now it’s full of Republican reptiles…gag.

    But I digress….

  23. Fran says:

    I am a ‘yellow dog’ Democrat, live in Texas and am married to a Republican who listens to Rush. Need I say more. Thanks for a brilliantly written article.

  24. Clever writing, but heartbreaking, really, to read this and the comments following the article and to think my fellow Republicans are painted with the same brush used for this “Human Axx.” I know quite a few Republicans and none of them behave or speak like this. This is just so far from the truth in every respect that I shouldn’t even be wasting a moment on it. “Echo chamber of hate!??? Really? For you to characterize half of your fellow citizens in this way makes me wonder just who really lives “life in a vacuum, an echo chamber of hate?” Our country has been divided in philosophy from the very beginning. Does Federalist and Anti-Federalist ring a bell? So, to characterize half of the country as hate-filled because they don’t agree with your worldview is ignoring our history. The people I know do not hate Obama. They are passionately against passing debt on to our children and grandchildren and they have seen no indication that this Administration is serious about resolving that issue, not to mention the lack of transparency, the lack of leadership, the divisiveness and the lies. A recent example (of lies) is his effort to convince the American people that the murder of the Libyan Ambassador was the result of protests about a video which no one has seen. Anyone with half a brain knew from the outset that it was a terrorist attack. The Libyan president confirmed it and still our leaders were denying it. Last I heard, the Administration is still calling the massacre at Ft. Hood a case of “work-place violence,” which is ludicrous, as well. One does not need to hate our President to detest his big-government, redistributionist policies or his use of executive orders to make the congress irrelevant. And for those of you who think it is racist to disagree with this president, just remember, we are the same people who disagreed with Jimmy Carter.

    • Tom B. says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you read or what you are responding to but it certainly isn’t what I wrote.

    • jayrith says:

      It is terribly amusing to hear someone call themselves a ‘real republican’, suddenly decide that this article talking about this biggoted piece of filth _must_ be deriding other Republicans, and get all defensive about it.

      Never, once, was the person’s political party preference even spoken or asked.

      I think, Mr Sumpter, if that is your last name, that you may wish to examine your feelings about this matter as your ranting reveals quite a bit of doubt, both in yourself and in your fellow political party.

      Perhaps you will be able to work out your self-loathing by going and talking with a mental health professional.

      Thanks for reading.

      Randall Kramm

      • Tom B. says:

        Randall, well said. Far more eloquently stated than I ever could have.

      • jgsumpter101547 says:

        Thank you for the clarification, Randall. As Gilda Radner used to say, “Never mind!” I’m willing to admit that I may have jumped to the wrong conclusion. However, the persistent use of the pronoun “they” and the claim that “It happens all the time; not always to this degree but more and more this is a common scene all across America” would imply that the author is not simply referring to a radical, fringe group. I think if I was encountering this type of person on a regular basis I would find a different place to hang out. By the way, no self-loathing here. Many of us conservatives are perhaps overly sensitive after being accused of bigotry whenever we disagree with the president’s policies.

      • jayrith says:

        My mistake, then, and I applogise for it.

        I think I fell into the knee-jerk reaction to the low-brow and willfully-ignorant biggoted types; They do actually exist, and in shockingly growing numbers within the information age.

        I do think the progressive view is a bit better of the way to go, just so you know where I stand on the conservative/progressive scale.

        I would rather we pull everyone and everything we have focused on other shores back home, and fix and clean our own house, before doing anything else, including addressing our energy issues, but that is neither here nor there, as this is about Tom’s blog.

        If you would like to speak with me about my sociopolitical views, we can talk elsewhere, as I don’t wish to clutter up the comment section, here, with it.

        Thanks for reading,
        Randall Kramm

  25. Gwen C says:

    Honest-to-God, you are going to be the first blog that I’ve followed. Ever. Love. ❤

  26. Thanks for the insight Tom. I go through the same thing everyday. I work for a large Collector Car Auction Company based in Scottsdale (you can probably figure out which one). I notice the same thing each day during my commute from Phoenix, at lunch in the local restaurants, and even where I stop to get gas. Best to you and your family. I’m just curious for you opinion. When did striving for greater knowledge, civility, and compassion become a negative in the country? I grew up in Jersey, with republican parents, so I grew up hearing the “liberal New York elitist” political line. But when do you think that line spread across the country to the point where a higher education that comes complete with critical thinking skills became such a prevalent sound bite with negative connotations? Keep up the good work! I’d love to run into you and have a beer sometime.

  27. jayrith says:

    If the two of you do get together and talk about, and look into the timeline of, the encroaching taboo of education and critical thinking skills, do please post it for us? I am quite interested in seeing it, myself.

  28. You very gracefully put into words, something most of us have experienced. I would like to point out, when we don’t respond to this barely human parrots of talk media, they assume we either agree with them, or know they are right but wont admit it. After all we are naive victims of the liberal media. They have been convinced by Fox and friends that we are the uninformed ones. SO it is best whenever possible to lay a few facts out on the table for them. Little things like the economic growth we have experienced in the last four years, or why we have regulations. Now granted I grew up in New York, so I learned sarcasm as a second language. This helps a lot,m because often times they don’t even realize you are being sarcastic, until it is too late and you have feed them a few real facts. Questions can help as well. Next time just ask how much has the dow dropped since Obama took office?

  29. Dustin says:

    I can relate to this in every way. I go through the same thing nearly every day. There is never a shortage of people volunteering their disdain for the President in my world. I like to call it having a bad case of the red state blues.

  30. You should try living in southern Mississippi sometime. I’ve never run in to a republican at a bar. Know why? The county I live in doesn’t allow bars. Because alcohol is from the devil. -.-‘ It is literally impossible to carry out an intelligent conversation with 90% of the local population.

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